Woodbury Law, PLLC - Personal Legal Services
Giving voice to the voiceless

Counselor, advocate, attorney, defender. Lawyers go by many names (including some less polite, very creative ones).  But no matter what you call me, my job as a lawyer is to make sure that your voice gets heard and that your interests are protected.  

As a solo practitioner in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, I offer personalized legal services, a custom-fit legal representation based on your financial, legal, and personal situation.  You might need someone to draft legal documents, such as a divorce decree or child custody papers.  Maybe you need help getting through a negotiation or mediation.  You may have to appear in a courtroom in front of a judge.  Or perhaps you just have a few questions that need to be answered.  No matter what it is, you don't want to do it alone.  I can help.  

From our first interview all the way through settlement, trial, or appeal, let me be your counselor, advocate, and defender in the justice system.

Mark Alan Woodbury
Attorney at Law
1108 West South Jordan Parkway, Suite B
South Jordan UT, 84095
(970) 765-8169

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